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Pallet Racking & Storage

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Mesh Shelves

  • Recommended by Fire Authorities and insurance companies for premises with sprinklers installed.
  • Troax mesh shelves are secure, flexible and relocatable. No fixings are required as the panels are held in place by their own weight with angle sections or formed wire mesh.
  • Dividers optimize storage space.
  • Custom made to fit requirements.
  • Ideal for under guarding below conveyors
  • Prices shown are a guide. Specific prices for projects are available upon request.
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Pallet Racking

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Easy to specify range of starter and extension bays in different heights and depths
  • Frames are pierced on a 75mm pitch to allow for positioning of beams.
  • Maximum beam pitch of 1725mm
  • Beam loads are 2000kg per pair Uniformly Distributed Loads
  • All bays are supplied with floor fixings
  • Beam locking pins prevent accidental displacement of beams by mechanical handling equipment
  • Pallet loads are assumed to be 1000kg each
  • Frames are of bolted construction and supplied assembled with painted Graphite Grey uprights and galvanised cross braces. Beams are painted Yellow
£520.80 excl VAT

P90 Pallet Shuttle Storage System

  • When considering a high density storage system, look no further than the Pallet Shuttle Storage System. Operating in a racking structure, similar to Drive-in, this system uses a remote controlled, semi-automatic, moving platform for the placement & retrieval of pallets. The Pallet Shuttle Storage System removes the need for aisles and for forklift trucks to enter the racking, reducing the risk of damage
  • Suitable for wide range of temperatures
  • This high density system can be used for both mixed and bulk storage
  • Equally suited to LIFO and FIFO operations
  • Removes many of the stocking limitations associated with non-automated Drive-in Racking


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